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Playing Online Bingo

You may have visited a land based bingo club before, and if so and you enjoyed playing all of the bingo games on offer at those venues, then we are more than convinced you are going to love playing bingo online just as much as you enjoyed playing bingo in those land based bingo venues.

However, not everyone has experienced playing bingo online before, and with that in mind we have compiled the following guide that is going to enlighten you as to all to the benefits and additional features that you will find offered by any of the thousands of different bingo sites that you can sign up to and play at.

The main advantages of choosing to play bingo online is that you can play at any time you like and from the comfort of your own home, and the range of promotional offers available online are much higher and offer better playing value than any promotional deals offered by your local bingo club!

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Playing Bingo Online

One important aspect of you starting to play bingo online is that you will of course need to locate only the best rated bingo sites at which to play at, and with that in mind always make sure that the ones you do sign up to are fully licensed and regulated. One of the most stringent of licensing authorities is of course the UK Gambling Commission, and by sticking to playing at bingo sites which have been granted one of their gaming licenses you are never going to run into any type of problem, as they are required to adhere to the very highest of industry standards.

Online Bingo Games

You will find a wide range of reliable bingo web wallets that you can use to fund your bingo site accounts, and once you have made a deposit then you are going to be able to access and play any of the following bingo games.

Progressive Bingo Games – For a tiny ticket price sometimes as low as one penny a ticket you could walk off with a life changing jackpot if you choose to give any of the huge number of progressive bingo games offered each day a try. Those bingo games are played for a full house but to win the jackpot you have to cross off every number on your card within a set number of them being called out of the bingo machine.

90 Ball Bingo Games – The most played bingo game online is the game of 90 ball bingo which is as popular as it is due to the fact that on every ticket you buy you are going to have the chance of winning up to three cash prizes. So for a game offering excellent value and the chance of win big make sure this game is one you regularly play online!

80 Ball Bingo Games – One bingo game which is bound to be very appealing to you if you have just a limited amount of spare time available to get stuck into playing bingo games online are the new breed of 80 ball bingo games. These games are played nonstop and as you are playing for one line and they have fewer numbers than the 90 ball bingo games you can play many more games per session.

75 Ball Bingo Games – There are literally thousands of different bingo patterns that you will be playing for when you get actively involved in playing 75 ball bingo games regularly, and as such these types of bingo games are very popular with players due to all of those different bingo patterns they will be playing for.

Penny Bingo Games – Penny bingo games are some of the most player online bingo games, due solely to the fact that you are paying one penny per card. Thanks to the quite high cash jackpots on offer on those types of bingo games they are probably going to appeal to you as they do to hundreds of thousands of other players every single day of the week, so track them down and give them a whirl.

30 Ball Bingo Games – There will be a good chance that you may never have heard or come across 30 ball bingo games before, and if that is the case let us tell you what is unique about these types of games. You have just 9 numbers on each ticket you buy for these games and with just 30 numbers in play they are very quick games to play so lots of action per session you play will be coming your way!

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