Your No.1 No Deposit Bingo Solution

The Basics

If there is one thing which can sell a brand or a product, it’s having a celebrity at the front of your advertising. When Scary Spice began working with Costa Bingo, she featured as a MASSIVE version of herself, patrolling around London before having a quick game of Costa Bingo!

This sums up Costa Bingo perfectly – they are witty, fun and easy to use. Best of all, they treat their users well. You get fantastic no deposit bonuses for signing up, and with a company the size of Costa you are well rewarded in the future with other great deposits and free bonuses.

They are one of the most popular names and are becoming a real player in the bingo market. Well worth a look if you want to just enjoy one of the most professional online bingo sites available – an excellent site all-round.

Costa Bingo are also famous for their free bingo rooms. They often host special events in these, too, which can end up with some pretty brilliant cash prizes. There are lots of rooms to choose from and the times vary, so check out the free bingo section after you sign up and see what you think!

The Bonuses

Like any good bingo website, you are given a free £5 as soon as you sign up without even having to make a deposit. This lets you try out the games and see what you make of them, before investing any of your money into the games themselves. This can be really crucial, and can save you days of waiting to get your money back.

However, as Costa Bingo offer a pretty awesome service all around, you’ll want to stick around to make the most of their other offers. After you free no-deposit bonus, you can also get a 200% first deposit bonus afterwards! This is a great way to ramp up your playing money for the month.

Every time, you’ll get a 50% reload bonus afterwards – how good is that?


Costa Bingo are pretty much on their own – they don’t work with any other bingo website or affiliated themselves with too many other brands.


The support team for Costa Bingo are awesome – you get a wide range of options to choose from, and you can really get an answer quickly. This saves you waiting around all afternoon for a simply response when you could be on playing and enjoying yourself!